For over 30 years, DIEFFE Academy has been successfully providing educational programs to companies and young adults who seek employment or to those who are already employed but wish to pursue new professional opportunities. We are an ISO 9001 quality certified Training Institute recognised by the Veneto Region and the Italian Ministry of Labour and Education. DIEFFE certifications are valid throughout Europe and recognised worldwide according to the EQF: European Qualification Framework.

Our numbers are what put us among the top European schools: more than 2,600 students, 60,000 training hours, 2 million training hours per student and 4,500 partner companies. DIEFFE Academy’s main purpose is to teach foreign students the art of cooking and to provide them with the knowledge of the authentic “Italian way”. We believe that the best way to learn the culinary art is to study in a professional environment where to practice with some of the best chefs in the business. For us, there is no better way than the practical one.


The cooperative is present in all the Venetian Territory, with 5 operative branches distributed in the cities of: Padova, Venice, Vicenza, Treviso, Verona and operates in synergy with Public Institutional Actors ( local institutions, Businesses, etc.), privates (category organisations, social parts, etc.) and with the main productive districts of Venetian.

Thanks to the experience and the Know-how gained by continuously answering to new challenges, Dieffe does a continuous research work towards innovation in order to always be forefront in the sectors of it competence:

• Permanent Orientation
• Duty of Education
• Formation and professional refreshment
• Formation Counselling ( needs analysis)


DIEFFE Academy adopts working methodologies that satisfy the higher standards, and collaborates on a permanent basis with a network of Institutional Partners:

Veneto Region | DIEFFE is accredited as a recognised education centre by the Veneto Region, providing high standard of orientation, basic training, higher education and continuous training with the regional registry code A0113

MIUR | DIEFFE is accredited at the MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research with authorization n. PDHMH500P

Apple Inc. | DIEFFE is accredited as “Educational Institution” by Apple Inc.

University of Padua | DIEFFE holds an agreement with the University of Padua, regularly hosting the internship programs of students from the Faculty of Psychology and Communication.

Ca’ Foscari University | DIEFFE collaborates on a regular basis with the Ca’ Foscari University for the post-graduate Master Course in Culture of Food and Wine.

IOV | DIEFFE collaborates with IOV – Veneto Oncological Institute to realize projects and events to promote a correct food culture and a healthy lifestyle.

DIEFFE Academy hosts the most prestigious trade associations in the wine and food sector:

Italian Chefs Federation – Unione Cuochi del Veneto (Veneto division)
AIBES – Italian Association of Barmans and Supporters
Italian Sommelier Foundation – International Center for the Culture of Wine and Oil

DIEFFE won the “Entrepreneurial Culture” award assigned during the 2017 edition of the Veneto Awards, for having been able to combine a high standard of training offers with the territorial system.

DIEFFE adopts the Organizational Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 to implement governance criteria suitable to prevent the commission of the predicate offenses.

DIEFFE is certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 by SGS – ACCREDIA for the planning and provision of training activities and business consulting services. ACCREDIA is the only national accreditation body designated by the Italian government, the only institution recognized in Italy to certify that certification and inspection bodies, testing laboratories, also for the food safety, and calibration laboratories have the competences to evaluate the compliance of products, processes and systems according to reference standards. ACCREDIA operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and performs a service of public authority, as the accreditation is a service performed in the public interest and it is an effective tool for the qualification of products and services circulating on all markets.


Educate putting the people first, accompanying people and businesses along the path of professional and organisational growth, giving the right development for everyone’s needs transferring competencies and knowledges.

Putting people first because everyone can and everyone should grant a contribution of human capital for the development of a common goal. In this sense the formation is a physiological necessity. An investment and not an expenditure. the Best way to grant a professional development, motivation, sharing of the business mission and thus at the end the success of the Company.

Dieffe intends, in particular, to facilitate the preparation and the starting of youth to work, improving and innovating the educational services, putting great attention to social inclusion politics and prevention of the different types of youth inconvenience and school dropout phenomena. This social tradition is in the History of Dieffe.

Since 1985, year of its foundation, Dieffe entered the management of “P.Egidio” and “S.Nicolò in Marghera” CFP (professional formation centre), formation centres active in the formation of Culinary and Electric Basis from 1945.
From that moment Dieffe continues that social path inspired by the
Franciscan fathers, Egidio Gelain and Ruggero Nuvola, whose ambition was to contribute to the work, cultural, family, and social progress of the people in the Venetian region.

Starting from the 90’s Dieffe is not only a school anymore but starts an evolution path; expands its impact area in the national and International market, participates in important innovative projects in the Training and Formation field, working its way to Businesses as impact area.


the Administrative council of Dieffe on 8th March 2011 has adopted the Organisational Model, related Protocols and the Ethical Code by the Italian D.lgs 231/01 and has nominated a Vigilance Organ. Particularlythe Code of Ethics which can be downloaded on this page, contains the principles of “business ethics” that Dieffe recognises as its own, calling for observation and adherence by the Internal and External speakers.

For eventual informations or reports you can email the Vigilance Organ odv@dieffe.com


Dieffe, accredited body by Regione Veneto for the service for Work with DDR 1622 of 10 July 2009, accompanies those in search of an occupation or those suspended from their work, along a Pathway of qualified services and solid answers such as orientation interviews, training courses and accompanying to work.

Dieffe intends to protect the rights of its users and avail them of the possibility to verify and improve the quality of the offered services. for this reason, the Services Card describes in a simple and clear way the services we offer, how to access them and the quality levels which we intend to maintain while delivering our services.